How to make quick grilled fish on the stove

A grilled fish recipe that takes 20-25 minutes (including all preparations)!

Just home from a Sunday afternoon walk with the family, dinner is nowhere from ready, and your toddler is cranky from hunger even before you unlock the front door. Sound familiar?

Quick Grilled Fish

So here’s how to make a super fast, healthy and delicious grill fish dinner for your family. You’ll need a stove-top grill for this grilled fish recipe, otherwise starting a grill will just take too much time! If you don’t have one, use a preheated oven instead.

1. Get your man to undress and play with the impatient kids. He’ll be happy with the task  ! (No snacks or juice allowed before dinner!)

2.  Get the frozen fish fillets out of the freezer (cod, for example, I always have some on stock, just in case), and throw it in the microwave on the defrost program.

 Tip: make sure you don’t overdo it, as you might end up cooking the fish! Also, be aware that a lot of water will thaw out, so use an appropriate plate or bowl.

Start preheating your oven now, if you don’t have a stovetop grill.

3. While waiting for the fish, put up a bowl of rice to boil to serve with the fish.

Tip: add some quick-to-cook veggies to the rice and cook together (broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.).

4. Also while waiting, make your mixture of herbs and spices. I like to use the following:

  • salt
  • onion powder (if you don’t have any, chop some onions and grind it in a grinder or crush it through a garlic press)
  • garlic powder (or smashed garlic)
  • mustard seed
  • basil
  • pepper
  • dill
  • grated lemon peel
  • rosemary
  • curry
  • cayenne pepper

Mix them in amounts according to your taste.

5. Check on the rice  🙂

6. Rub your spice mixture onto the fish. Do one side only, as the fish will drip on the grill and wash off anything on the bellow side anyways.

You can also blend your mixture with olive oil, and pour that onto the fish using a small spoon.

7. Place the fish (herb side up) onto the grill on the stove, and start the fire.

The greatest trick to grilling fish is knowing when it is done. Fish is very-very quickly cooked; depending on thickness it can take 3! to 5 minutes (for ¼-½ inch thickness) or 5 to 7 min.s for ½ to 1 inch thickness.

Look for signs of readiness: when the fish flakes easily with a fork, and the texture turns opaque it is done!

Tip: try to catch the moment before ready, as when you take the fish off the fire, it will continue to cook a bit. This way you will keep all those flavorful, delicious juices, mmmm…

8. Serve immediately!

To make it even juicier: melt some butter, mix with a bit of lemon juice and some fresh parsley. Pour over the fish when serving.


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how to make quick grilled fish on the stove

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